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Because You Are Beautiful
It's wrong to tell girls that physical beauty means nothing, and here's why: What about the model who works hard to maintain her body shape and takes pride in what she does? What about the artist who paints physical beauty? What about the little girl who looks up at the physical beauty of the stars and feels inspired to reach for them?
It's wrong to tell girls that makeup can't be "real beauty," and here's why: What about the woman who spends an hour every day blending colors to make rainbows on her lips and flowers at the corners of her eyes? What about the girl who wishes to express her artistic beauty and talent by using all of her favorite colors in her eyeshadow? What about all of the women who smile every time they see their reflection because they finally found just the right shade of makeup to match their skin?
It's wrong to tell girls what kind of beauty is "wrong" or "right" or "real," and here's why: ALL beauty is beautiful. All women should be encouraged to love their beaut
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Brainstorm Number 287
"How are you holding up?" Micah asked, peeking into Lucium's room.
Lucium, laying flat on the floor, replied, "I don't know."
Micah looked around the room with an odd look on his face, "How about telling me what you were up to in here? I can smell the paint from the living room."
Lucium sat up and gestured around the room, "I thought a change of scenery would help me get my mind off Emmi, but I kept changing my mind."
Micah nodded, "So... I'm sorry, I don't know what to say."
Lucium shrugged, "Only Emmi would, and he can't," her eyes sank and lingered on her hands in her lap.
Micah thought as he sat beside his sister, "Well, you knew him better than I did. What would Emmett say at this time."
Lucium looked up at Micah and back down at the floor, "I don't know."
"Sure you do," Micah said, softening his voice, "Just think."
Lucium sighed and said with another shrug, "He'd ask what I was painting. I was never an artist."
Micah smiled, "Okay, so, what did you paint?"
Lucium pointed to thei
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The Lost Mermaid
Once upon a time, there was a kingdom of land and sea. This kingdom's citizens consisted of two races. There were the humans who believed in the flexibility of mind and matter, and the mermaids who believed in perfection and greatness.
In this kingdom, there was a mage who could transform those who truly wanted to do so in their hearts from one race to the other.
The mermaids were a bit stuck-up in that they didn't like to spend much time with the humans, for they saw the humans as imperfect and unclean. However, they did encourage the humans to go see the mage and join their more perfect race. Mostly for this purpose, the mermaids would associate with the humans and rarely even made good friends with one or two humans.
In this kingdom, there was a young mermaid who was fascinated with the humans. Her older sister was far more conservative-thinking and disapproved of nearly all things human, but she didn't seem to mind listening to the young mermaid talk about her fascinations with the
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How 'Windfield' Became Famous
Many people who don't know, have questioned how the Windfield name got to hold such heavy weight if they've been in hiding since Death's Second Great War. There is, of course, the fact that Alice practically single-handedly started and won Death's Third Great War. However, this is simply how Alice got to be known as "Blood Alice." While this title specifically was imagined for a massacre Alice didn't commit herself, the ones responsible would tell you themselves that they did it for "Elder Sister," and still give Alice full credit. But this is beside the point. The Windfield family name was purposely spread during the 10th millennial Grand Interracial Tournament.
This tournament, as is common knowledge, is a tournament held every thousand years that features beings from the four great worlds: Death, Heaven, Earth, and the God's Realm. Those who believe they can win ultimately end up challenging a god's power- an act that can only end in untold multitudes of honor or death. You can ente
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Mature content
Fear :iconkireichokoreto:KireiChokoreto 0 0
Into the Flames ch 1: Your Guide to Death
Max paced the floor back and forth. Noah sat on the floor, eyes following his older brother.
"I'm thinking! I'm thinking!" Max huffed. "Okay, tell me again, and tell me exactly what happened."
"What more is there to tell?" Noah shrugged with a guilty expression on his face, "I heard the shot on my way home, I ran to see who it was, and some guys ran past me shoving a gun in my hand. When I looked in the alley, Travis was there, dead."
"Did you get a good look at the guys who ran past you?"
Noah shrugged, "I think it was Jeremy and them."
Max froze with wide eyes, "THOSE guys?!"
"I didn't know what to do..."
"Noah, do you have any idea what this LOOKS like?"
Noah looked over at the corpse in the corner of their living room. Sitting there without a care in the world next to the gun that sucked the life out of it.
"It looks like I killed our brother- But I-"
"The police won't accept any buts! Your story sounds shady enough as it is!" Max exclaimed.
"Yup. It sure does. Story sound
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It was a quiet neighborhood filled with cookie-cutter houses. Each painted a different color, with slight variations here and there, but all essentially the same. This was where the chase took place. It was the time of night when everybody was asleep. The moon was full and bright, illuminating the streets. It was just enough light to guide the two figures that raced across well-tended lawns.
The hunted ran with uneven movements, someone who had clearly not been chased in such a manner before. Someone not used to running in general. He heaved heavy breaths which he let out with groans of pain. Occasional glances back propelled him forward, each glance providing enough motivation to push him forward with just a bit more speed than before. However, even this was starting to fail him as his body wore down.
The dark figure moved with long strides in graceful movements as silent as a shadow. No signs of fatigue. Just another chase.
The hunted cut back behind a house with obvious effort to ge
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Alice's Respect
"Why can't you people just leave me alone!" Alice cried, storming out of the living room.
When Emmett stood to follow her, Anamerie pulled him back into his seat, "Just give her a minute. She's still adjusting."
Emmett huffed and ran a hand through his hair, "I don't know what Dad expects us to do with her. She can't be reasoned with."
"She needs time," Anamerie repeated, eying her older brother, reading his expressions, "Change is hard for everyone."
Emmett threw his head back against the back of the couch and sighed. After a few seconds of silent thought, his eyes turned to his sister, "You seem to be doing just fine," his eyes flashed to the far corner of the room, "You and Darion both."
Darion's eyes peered over the top of the book he was reading when he heard his name.
Anamerie smiled and gave a shrug, "We grew up with constant change. Having things settle down is a gift."
Darion's eyes returned to the page of the book where his thumb marked his spot.
Emmett sighed and closed his
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Please Don't, I'm Sorry
I'm a writer, and I'm terrible with words. What am I supposed to say to a friend standing in my old shoes when I already know that my words mean nothing? I can't conjure up a beautiful, life-changing speech. That's not the type of person I am.
Words swirl around in my head like "love," "caring," and the phrase "it's not worth it." I want to say it because it needs to be said, but even heartfelt and honest cliches are still cliches. Words like those will mean nothing. They meant nothing to me.
I wish I could go back in time. Treat this problem at the roots. Tell you that I love you at a time when you'll believe me. At this point, my words mean nothing.
No, that's wrong. My words have always meant nothing. I'm not that kind of person. I can't influence other people or make them feel what I feel. At important times, I don't speak; I can't speak. When I need a friend to understand my feelings, I cry. It's all I can do. Words are cheap. Tears say everything.
"I can't stand seeing a you like
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A Tale of Confusion Ch. 9
*That's Death for Ya*
We weren't in this new world very long before I learned why Tsuru was so against our coming here. I hadn't been conscious for five minutes before the three of us found ourselves sprinting for our lives. I was the first to run out of energy. My legs gave out, forcing Micah and Lucium to take a stand.
It was then that I got a look at the creatures chasing us. A jaguar and a lioness.
Blue flames shot from Micah's hands at the jaguar. It jumped out of the way as the lioness sprang toward Micah. He dodged, and the lioness landed between Micah and me and Lucium.
Lucium grabbed my arm, forcing me behind herself, "Stay behind me." The lioness swiped at Lucium and Micah took off in a different direction to fend off the jaguar.
Lucium pushed me back, avoiding attacks until we were pressed against a tree. This was the first time since the fight with the bear that Lucium showed no sign of injury. I thought for a minute that her wound had healed. It wasn't until I notic
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Life is Chaos
I lie awake at night. I need sleep. I need to study. I need rest so that I can focus at work. I can't sleep because I'm worried about something a friend said to me.
I don't understand anything.
I don't pay attention in class. The book I'm reading is too interesting. I'm smart enough to get by with a passing grade, anyway. It's not like this class is all that important. I'm no rocket scientist, so I won't get a job with too much math.
It makes no sense.
I smile and tell people that I'm having a good day. I play happy songs, wear bracelets that jingle, wear bright sweaters, and dance my silly dances. It's fun, isn't it? We're all so happy with our friends. This is joy. My friends love my beautiful smile.
Bear with it.
I scream and punch the dashboard. It's all I can do. This is the only time I'm alone. I can't let everyone down after I've made so much progress. It's just a phase, anyway. I'll be fine. Don't get everyone worked up for nothing. I'm a happy person.
This is wrong.
I cry into
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A Tale of Confusion Ch. 8
*The A-Rank*
Watching the huge dragon, I felt a flood of emotions ranging from terror to panic. I didn't know what to do, so my legs turned to jello. I plopped onto the ground, staring at the creature.
The dragon's orange eyes looked around and stopped when they met mine. My heart was pounding, telling me to run, but my legs were out of commission.
"Hey, Nat, you okay?" the voice asking me was obviously Lucium's, but I couldn't see where she was. It took me a while to see her atop the dragon's head, holding onto one of the spines. I think it was understandable, considering how she was 1/10 the size of the dragon, and she needed to maintain her balance. No other aspect of the situation made sense in my eyes.
"W-What are you doing?" I asked, unsure of what else to say at a time such as this.
Lucium laughed and patted the dragon's head, "You remember Nat, right?"
The gigantic creature lowered its head, setting its chin on the ground in front of me. I tensed up. Lucium slid off the creatur
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A Tale of Confusion Ch. 7
"You're what?!" Naru exclaimed, slamming her hands onto the table as she stood up.
"I'm coming with you guys," Lucium repeated, setting a fresh batch of pancakes on the table.
"Lucium," Micah made a concerned face, "I don't think-"
"No way! Uh-uh!" Naru shook her head and made a big "X" with her arms, "No way am I facing that guy's wrath by putting you in danger! Not gonna happen!"
"It's not your choice," Lucium insisted, "I'm coming."
"Tsuru!" Naru turned to her brother, "Help me talk some sense into her."
Tsuru shrugged.
"You traitor!" Naru slumped into her seat and folded her arms across her chest, "This is all on you guys. I'm taking no credit for any of this."
"Let the records show," Tsuru raised his right hand, "That Naru did everything she could to prevent this tragedy."
Naru rolled her eyes, which only made her brother grin.
Tsuru looked over at Micah, "And your opinion?"
Micah sighed and shook his head, "I don't approve, but," he eyed Lucium, "She'd find
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A Tale of Confusion Ch. 6
*A Little History*
The next day, I went to Lucium's room early in the morning to ask for an explanation for everything the the confusing argument the night before. I was very confused to find that she wasn't there. She wasn't in the kitchen when I looked, either. Or anywhere else I could think to look, for that matter. I decided to settle for asking Micah about what had happened.
Micah sighed and scratched the back of his neck, "Right. Lucium skipped over the history. Well," he paused to think, "Everything in Death revolves around power and proving oneself. For example, Demons don't have last names. They believe one should receive status based on one's own accomplishments, not those of one's parents..."
"What does this have to-" I started.
"The war we're talking about is just one, big power struggle," Micah explained, "Lucium's mentioned the immortals. There are only three of them that were ever in existence, and they're the most powerful beings from that world. Following so far?"
I fu
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A Tale of Confusion Ch. 5
*Meet the Twins*
I had watched the dark-green-haired man stab the bear-man with a flaming sword and blacked out.
I awoke in my bed late that evening with a young woman who looked to be in her early twenties staring at me with yellow, cat-like eyes. She had dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. Aside from her eyes which were somewhat creepy, she was kind of pretty.
"Finally," she said and stood up. She started walking toward the door.
"Who are you..?" I asked, still half asleep.
"Bro, she's awake," she called out the door and turned back to me, "Naru."
"Naru?" I repeated, "That's an odd name."
Naru stared at me with a cold look, leaning against the wall, "It's a good name to have back where I come from."
The green-haired young man from earlier that day stepped into the room. He smiled when he set eyes on me, "Hey, Natalie. How are you feeling?"
"Confused," I replied.
"Already?" he looked back at the girl with an odd look.
"Don't give me that look," she rolled her eyes, "I
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A Tale of Confusion Ch. 4
*The Bear*
Eventually, I became accustomed to my strange new life with Lucium, Micah, and the animals. I even managed to learn my way around most of the castle. The castle itself was on a fairly small island, so I could swim in the ocean and make sandcastles all I wanted. It was weird. I had left behind everything that I knew of my life at the orphanage, but didn't feel any regret. It seemed as though my life in the Amburgh Orphanage had been nothing more than a very detailed dream.
All in one day, my peaceful life was changed once again.
It started one afternoon right after lunch. Lucium and I were sitting out on the sand, planning out what to do with the rest of our day like usual when a strange man showed up.
His eyes were a dark shade of brown, his hair was nearly black, and he walked with an odd slouch with his hands hanging down near his knees. He was a sickly pale color, like he was malnourished, but he was still a husky man. He wasn't excessively fat, but it didn't seem like lo
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I won't claim to be an OUTSTANDING writer, but I like most of my stuff! The newer, the better! :D


Pudgy budgie by MinjiXMuu-chan Pudgy budgie :iconminjixmuu-chan:MinjiXMuu-chan 788 83 Miru reference sheet by Lycanium Miru reference sheet :iconlycanium:Lycanium 58 11 Ghost by Lycanium Ghost :iconlycanium:Lycanium 81 5
A Saga of Cereal
Let us sing of Albert Braithwaite and his quest! His voyage to the supermarket! His mission to buy cornflakes!
And so he approached the supermarket and gained entrance.
Everywhere there were temptations that sang to him. But his wisdom was strong. Do not look directly at the showy sirens who would take your gold. Rather look down towards the own brand items. For they are better value.
He travelled on.
In his path were clusters of creatures with tongues to talk, but neither eyes nor ears to perceive him. His many requests of “Excuse me, please. I’d quite like to get through” went unheeded.
Temporarily defeated, he retreated and found another way through the maze.
But the glamour was becoming stronger. He felt his reason starting to leave him. Taking shelter by the cheese and onion crisps, he produced pen and ink and captured the words as they floated from his mind.
And lo! Albert strode forward, looking neither to the left or right, but keeping his path straight and tr
:iconscfrankles:SCFrankles 29 40
FelineArts Artbook Entry #1 by Midna01 FelineArts Artbook Entry #1 :iconmidna01:Midna01 613 33 Commission #51 by Midna01 Commission #51 :iconmidna01:Midna01 593 30 Commission #46 by Midna01 Commission #46 :iconmidna01:Midna01 973 70 Harvest moon polymer clay figure set by FairysLiveHere Harvest moon polymer clay figure set :iconfairyslivehere:FairysLiveHere 88 22 My time at Expcon, 2009... by Kivae My time at Expcon, 2009... :iconkivae:Kivae 191 258 Carter Church Lecture by mengky335 Carter Church Lecture :iconmengky335:mengky335 40 15 My sister's a ship by mad-libbs My sister's a ship :iconmad-libbs:mad-libbs 181 29 Flame thrower by BlueRavenAngel Flame thrower :iconblueravenangel:BlueRavenAngel 32 2 Stress by BlueRavenAngel Stress :iconblueravenangel:BlueRavenAngel 39 8 Run Quickly by Lady-Geekdom Run Quickly :iconlady-geekdom:Lady-Geekdom 35 4 Flower Crown by senor-banana Flower Crown :iconsenor-banana:senor-banana 25 10



United States
It's my philosophy to do whatever makes me happy. Cool people think I'm cool, and all the lamoes think I'm insane. There's also a third category of people that just find me entertaining to watch during football games. I enjoy writing about such experiences in my creative writing class.

Current Residence: A home!
Favourite genre of music: J-pop, Ryuteki flute, anything featuring flute.
MP3 player of choice: Mah Ipod! :D
Favourite cartoon character: Kaname Kuran (his hair is SO PERFECT!!)
Personal Quote: I'm me, I don't want to be loved for anything less.
Phew! Life has been busy! I'm not entirely sure where I was with my life when I last posted something on here... I'm not saying that I'll be a regular on here again, but I will say that I haven't fallen off the planet recently. My life is simply dominated by college, independent studying, and work. 

I got a new job that doesn't suck the soul out of me, and my new coworkers are great and understanding. I admitted to my family that I don't wish to be a part of their religion anymore. My life-long, sister-like best friend stopped talking to me because I left that religion- as did most of my family. My own grandpa won't make eye contact with me, so I won't hold my breath for every other Jehovah's Witness who used to know and love me. I decided on making International Relations my major. I received birthday presents for the first time in my life. I've settled on which languages I wish to study: German, Chinese, and- of course- Japanese. My parents divorced. My mom moved out and wants us to sell the house- my home- as part of the divorce settlement. I have an awesome boyfriend, 30 various flutes, and a shelf filled with language study material!

Of course, nowhere else in the world finds being bilingual very special, but we here in the US,  where people may or may not discourage learning a foreign language because foreigners moving here should speak our language, are stupid. Most people in the US who learn a foreign language don't bother to learn to speak above what a 5-year-old speaks of his or her  mother tongue. Americans are impressed that I know basic conversational French. Add in the German, Japanese, Chinese, and the Swedish and Arabic I occasionally pick up for fun, and ignorant Americans think I'm a genius. Clearly, I'm not genius material. I just happen to have more time on my hands than the average working college student because I don't study for most of my classes- German and French being the only classes I've studied for so far. I get antsy when I don't have something to occupy my mind, and not freaking out about living a lie and suppressing my real beliefs has left a lot of free space in there... But, yeah! I've decided I want to change the focus of my studies and dropped seriously studying French. For years, I've been saying that I'm studying German, French, Japanese, and trying to decide between Arabic and Chinese for the fourth. I've decided to be honest with myself about the fact that I just don't have the attention span to learn to speak four foreign languages fluently. I also discovered Chinese manga and how awesome they can be- thank you, Doulou Dalu for showing me the way!- and decided that Chinese would give me value in the business world. Not to mention that Japanese Kanji are taken directly from Chinese, so I won't have to learn another entirely unfamiliar alphabet again! Even though picking up Chinese means starting from the beginning all over again with a new language, it makes more sense to pursue it than French. (Only picked up French because my sister-like best friend's Mom is French-Canadian and I could practice with her. That door closed when she stopped talking to me.) 

Where I am in my studies: Beginner level Chinese. Basic conversational French. My spoken Japanese is lightyears ahead of my Japanese reading level. A few phrases in Arabic and Swedish- but nothing worthwhile since I only dabble here and there for fun. And my German recognition is about level with a 5-year-old... My Spanish is nonexistent! 

In short, my life went to hell for a while there, but I'm pulling myself together and pushing forward! Focusing on what I want to do with my future is certainly healthier than looking back and missing what and whom I lost! Can't change the past.
  • Listening to: "Niemand" by Oomph!
  • Reading: Boku no Hero Academia
  • Watching: D Gray Man
  • Playing: Rune Factory
  • Eating: Home-made pie!
  • Drinking: Water

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