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I write semi decent stuff, I sometimes draw semi decent stuff, but it's mostly crap, so... If YOU like crap, check it out! :D



United States
It's my philosophy to do whatever makes me happy. Cool people think I'm cool, and all the lamoes think I'm insane. There's also a third category of people that just find me entertaining to watch during football games. I enjoy writing about such experiences in my creative writing class.

Current Residence: A home!
Favourite genre of music: J-pop, Ryuteki flute, anything featuring flute.
MP3 player of choice: Mah Ipod! :D
Favourite cartoon character: Kaname Kuran (his hair is SO PERFECT!!)
Personal Quote: I'm me, I don't want to be loved for anything less.
It's certainly been a while since I last updated this thing. My life has been busy over the past eight weeks. Little time to write exists at the moment. Senior year has me bugged down with upcoming duedates and projects and papers and bibliographies and.... Yup. Pressure on an already emotionally unstable girl leads to bad things. Luckily for me, I have plenty of friends. I'm not good at talking about this with them because I'm supposed to be the peppy, happy-go-lucky one. I'm not supposed to get depressed... And everyone freaked out so badly the last time I told them I was having thoughts about killing myself... Don't worry, I won't do anything. Like I said, I've got my friends. They make me feel something akin to not sadness. (Yeah, depression is stupid like that. You don't get happy, the sadness just gets numbed.) So, don't freak out too badly if I post something that is clearly the work of someone in desperate need of therapy. I'm just venting. I'll be okay. I've noticed that I'm okay most of the time. I just have seasonal depression, so I'll be myself when Winter decides to go away... I want to be happy again... T-T Come on, Sun! I believe in you!

On a lighter note, last we left off, I was struggling with German... I got the worst grade in that class that I've ever gotten, but I passed the class. Plus, I printed off a bunch of stuff and can study in all of my free time... You know, between my current classes and crying myself to sleep... :XD: Probably after I'm out of school, I'll find the time to catch up on my languages. I'm taking French right now, anyway. That's keeping me plenty busy. Je suis très fatigué, mais c'est amusant. :)

I've been looking forward to the Summer. I'll finally be out of school, the sun will eventually come out some day, and I'll have more time to sleep, write, and play my flutes... My three favorite things..!

I finally got Rune Factory back from my friend who has had it for the past year... I beat it again. I didn't save because I just love to hear that music. My dad also put the game on my computer, so I'll probably play through and save state at several points just to hear the music... Yup, i'm definitely a band nerd. :D

So, I'll find the time to write more in a few weeks... hopefully.... I miss the sun!
  • Listening to: Sicilienne
  • Reading: Uta pri
  • Watching: Television
  • Playing: Rune Factory
  • Eating: Mashed-up pot roast
  • Drinking: Water

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Happy birthday Choco-chan! I'm afraid I've not much to give you but I hope at least this will do for now. *bows* Thank you for being a good friend. I appreciate it. Hope you're doin' well, so, like, have fun today and go all out!
GentleSilenceWorks Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
arigato Eli-senpai!!!!!
Heh, "Senpai." I see.

Do itashimashite... If I remember correctly, that's "you're welcome." There's probably a 5% chance I'm wrong.
GentleSilenceWorks Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
that's right~ at least that's they way I learned
Bilingual dictionary says that we are correct. Huzzah!
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thank you for the llama..... btw
i want to ask.. if i could made story skyxJill: catch the maiden in to a comic or are cut scene? i've already ask SimpleChinca and she agreed. now i'm waiting for you.
anyhow, love the story. it's a great pairing.
Well, it's all her story, so I give you the thumbs-up if she does. :)
the-sage-of-wind May 27, 2013  Student Writer
As usual, thanks for the fave ;)
found it. "Solas Ane (yesterday's joy) by samuel hazo" That's th eone you linked me to a while ago. It's nice. Just forgot the name lol
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